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Harley's Community
Luckenbach South
Luckenbach South

"Woke up in the fetal position with drool on my chin, realized I'd broke down and smoked weed with Willy Again".  The last line of my favorite country tune, the best every penned in my opinion.  I'll always hoist a cold one to Toby Keith for that tune.

Got a visa from Fearless Leader to make a sojourn to the back woods of Bayview to check out a possible fishin' locale, my ohh my what a sight.  The joint's called Harley's and it sits off a dusty back road that hopefully the politically correct ain't discovered yet.  Saunter in and there sits an ol' coot of a cabinetmaker I've known for a good awful long time.  He and a couple of buds were a pickin' and grinnin' some Pink Floyd tune I recognized from another life and lookin' hard for anybody that could find their way around the fret board of a mandolin.  The brew was cold and the grettin' warm and the surroundings and sounds a time warp back to my lost decade of the seventies.  The joint is a serious Ice House frontin' as a country store.

John Nolan got a case of the Gypsy's as a young lad in Georgia.  He ran away from home and wound up on a farm in Macon that happened to be owned by Duane and Gregg Allman.  This was many more moons ago that he'd care to think about, but the music stuck with him 'cept the mandolin, which he really didn't do too bad of a job on.  Buildin' cabinets is his trade but playin' music is his passion.  So is cuttin' up with real folks and dotin' on the beautiful Sylvia, his best half.  Dogs are welcome and so are horses, goats and any other reasonably well behaved critter with a good sense of humor whether they be legless or up to four legs.  The music is formidable cuz he wants the gang to let it all hang out under a spread of stars that one can only find in the country.  The setting is truly inspirational.  If you wake up with dirt under your fingernails and that sweet morning dew on your face and a sweet woman in you arms, well you've found nirvana or maybe one of the only joints in Deep South Texas with real soul.  The hell of it is that they flat out stole the acreage cuz it used to be the ol' town dump, I guess you could say that it sorta, kinda still is, in a resurrected sort of way.

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